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    Native Italian Actors in London

What makes N.I.A.L. unique?

N.I.A.L. is the first directory that lists professional Native Italian actors based in London, who are fluent both in English and Italian. Here Casting Directors and Production Companies can find trained and reliable bilingual actors of all age, sex and casting type.

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About Us

The idea of Native Italian Actors in London (NIAL) was born a few years ago. Over coffee a group of Italian Actors based in London were discussing a common experience at castings: when the casting was for Italian speakers they found many non-Italians who couldn’t speak the language and viceversa at castings for English speaking Italians they were surrounded by Italian actors who could barely speak English. It must have been really annoying for casting agents and production companies to constantly sieve through all these not appropriate candidates. To overcome this problem NIAL was created . Everytime there is a casting for Italian Actors in international productions here is the place to look at.

  • Anna Elena Pepe
  • Sara Laratro
  • Alessandro De Marco
  • Simone Douani

Executive committee
  • Manuela Maletta
  • Cecilia Gragnani
  • Marco Gambino


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We are not an agency, every actor can be contacted through their spotlight link. For general enquiries please fill the form.